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Hindusthan Online is there to help you with the right email marketing strategy. We believe that Email Marketing is the most important marketing channel for any business and so we work on it. We are the top Email Marketing Company in Kolkata who made a benchmark in email marketing which is the lifeline of your business.

We make a good relationship with your subscribers and nurture them thoroughly. We even use Social Media to grow and attract new followers.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing can help your business

There are several ways through which email marketing can help. We at Hindusthan Online are here to help your company with some popular ways:

  • Turn Website Visitors into leads
  • Use Pop-up forms to capture leads
  • Can influence visitors who are not ready to buy
  • Turn subscribers into loyal brand ambassadors
  • Create a Welcome Experience for your new subscribers
  • Tell them about your company, brand and vision

Bring back your customers

An automated email can bring back a customer to complete their purchase. Our Email Marketing is covered with highlighting features and lots of benefits can also make a doorway for their next purchase order.

Getting feedback from your subscribers will help you a lot to improve and grow your business. Thus we send email to our customers after they purchase the product, we wait for their responsive feedback.

Being the leading Email Marketing Company in Kolkata, Hindusthan Online creates an email with attractive images that helps in grabbing our customers’ attention. We also create brilliant email with the right message at the right time for our customers which seals their decision to make a purchase.

Bring back your customers

Email to action

As every subscriber is different and so their interests and needs, hence, list segmentation and the targeting is important. Customer-centric email marketing will make your subscribers and the sales will happen naturally.

Based on various demographics we sort our subscribers and determine the type of content we need to send them. We also look out for our customers’ purchase history, email engagement or website activity. With that information, we send related product information through email to buy the product again.

Our right email helps your subscribers to take immediate action that leads to an increase in sales and makes us the most demanding Email Marketing Company in Kolkata.

Understand the time

Now that we’ve considered what the right message would be and who’s the right person to send it to, it’s time to consider when to send.

It is important to understand the perfect timing also to send an email to approach a particular customer with his appropriate product.

We are here to trigger our email campaigns or a sequence of follow-up emails based on their interests. We even send additional information about the product, testimonials and more when our targeted audience went to a specific product page or clicked on a link for that product.

Use Personal connection

Little things can bring a great change in the digital world. Incorporating the subscriber’s first name in the email message can create a strong connection with the customers. Hindusthan Online is an expert in providing opportunities for personalization with an automated email.

Each interaction with an email can trigger a follow-up based on those activities. It will make your subscribers feel like you’re completely attuned to their needs and that you care about what’s important to them. It creates a more personal connection between your business and the subscriber that will create loyal customers.

There are a few content marketing strategies which can help in sales and take you out from the bottom line. We are the best Email Marketing Company in Kolkata to create an email with a clear and tempting subject line so that it does not get ignored or deleted.

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